Movement & Meaning of product Icons

Guidelines on how to choose your chair, Most chairs can be simplified with a certain amount of movementor features whether you are looking for an adjustable lumber, seat slide or arms the icons detailed below and in the specification of each chair page to help you choose the best option to suit your needs.

Gas Height Adjustment IconGas height Adjustment
Adjust the chair height as desired.

Synchronised Tilt MechanismSynchronised Tilt Mechanism
Reclines the backrest and seat together at a ratio of approximately. 2.5.1 for optimal seating position

Relieves strain by providing support for the forearm.

Height Adjustable ArmrestsHeight Adjustable Armrests
Adjust armrest height to suit individual requirements.

Adjustable ArmrestsAdjustable Armrest
Fully adjustable multi-positional armrest: height, width and depth of movement caters to users of all shapes and sizes.

Foldaway ArmrestsFoldaway Armrests
Stylish, comfortable and functional folding armrests provides optional support.

Seat Angle AdjustmentSeat Angle Adjustment
Lever ad juts seat angle to encourage recommended seat position

Fixed HeadrestFixed Headrest
Provides support and relief for the head and neck muscles.

Adjustable HeadrestAdjustable Headrest
headrest for optimum support and comfort.

Adjustable or Free-floating BackAdjustable or Free-floating Back
Optimal comfort by locking the backrest at any angle or a free float option.

Seat SlideSeat Slide
Adjust the seat depth to fit your body to improve circulation by alleviating pressure on the legs

Seat Depth AdjustmentSeat Depth Adjustment
Adjust the backrest depth for a larger seating area. Suited for people with longer legs.

Tilt Tension AdjustmentTilt Tension Adjustment
Adjust the tension of the seat tilt mechanism to support individual requirements.

Auto Tilt TensionerAuto Tilt Tensioner
Automated weight tensioner requires no manual adjustment and provides correctly tensioned reclining adjustment.

Lock and Tilt MotionLock and Tilt Motion
Lever allows chair to be locked upright or allows free tilt.

Height Adjustable BackrestHeight Adjustable Backrest
Height adjustable back to improve support and posture.

Integral Lumbar SupportIntegral Lumbar Support
An integrated fixed lumber support to provide extra back support.

Adjustable Lumbar SupportAdjustable Lumbar Support
Improve posture with fully adjustable lumber support giving support where you need it.

Adjustable Pump Lumbar SupportPump Lumbar Support
Improve posture with twist handle to pump air into a Lumber support.

Independent Seat BackIndependent Seat and Back
Position seat and back angle independently for optimum support and posture.

Infinite Lock MechanismInfinite Lock Mechanism
Lever adjusts seat seat and back angle as one, lockable in any position.

Knee tiltKnee Tilt
Scissor hinged movement that tilts the chair back from the knee point avoiding increased contact on back of legs pressure point.

Prevent user from bring thrown forward when adjusting seat angles.

Stacking ChairsStacking Chairs
Conveniently stackable chairs provide easy and discreet storage.

Bespoke Upholstery Range

The Colour rangeTraditionally office chairs are predominately Black or Blue and maybe Wine. More recently vibrant colours such as Green, Red or Yellow are the fashion and suited to modern offices. At Diamond Installations we now have an in house upholstery service giving depth and diversity to an already exciting range. Consider our already popular Chiro chairs upholstered in a fabric colour of your choice to suit your office design or a pick a colour to match your corporate identity.

As standard Diamond Installations use the colours on the right they are Bergamot Cherry, Top Left, Ginseng Chilli, second from left top row, Maringa Teal, Third from left top row, Tobasco Red, Fourth from left top row, Tansy Purple, Bottom left, Stevia Blue, second from left bottom row, Senna Yellow, Third from left bottom row, Myrrh Greenfourth from left bottom row, Diamond Installations can also cover chairs in a variety of other coloured fabric, vinyl and leather if requested.

Custom Search App for Diamond Installations Website, helps you find what you are looking for.